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Performance. Function. Future. Industry experts from all over the world meet every two years at Techtextil. The trade fair's recipe for success is the overarching character of the product groups and areas of application.

Application areas

Technical textiles and nonwovens can be used in versatile ways. Techtextil brings all areas of application together. This is where car manufacturers meet fashion designers and medical engineers meet industry specialists.

Techtextil application area Agrotech


The ear of the wheat is the symbol for cultivation and tilling the soil - and for the Agrotech application area. Under this sign you'll find the latest ideas and products for agriculture, forestry, horticulture and landscape gardening.

Application area Buildtech


The house stands for architecture and building - and that's why we've chosen it as the symbol for the Buildtech application area. Buildtech includes all important innovations in membrane construction, lightweight and solid structures, earthworks, hydraulic engineering and road construction.

Application area Clothtech


The t-Shirt is popular all over the world - that's why we've chosen it as the symbol for the Clothtech application area. It includes the latest developments in shoe and clothing manufacture.


Application area Geotech


The dam separates the land from water - and is the symbol for the Geotech application area. Geotech is home to new concepts and products in road construction, civil engineering, dam and waste site construction.


Application areas Hometech


The armchair is a symbol for home design - and for the Hometech application area. Hometech presents innovative developments in the manufacture of furniture, upholstery, floor coverings and carpets.


Application area Indutech


Gear wheels are a symbol for industry and technology - and for the Indutech application area. Indutech contains solutions and products for mechanical engineering and for the chemical and electrical industries.


Application areas Medtech


The sticking plaster is a symbol for effective medical care - and for the Medtech application area. Medtech contains the complete range of innovations in the manufacture, processing and application of medical and hygiene products.

Application area Mobiltech


The tyre is a symbol for mobility - and for the Mobiltech application area. Under this sign you’ll find the latest developments in ship and aircraft construction, as well as in all aspects of automobile, railway and space travel.

Application area Oekotech


Mankind protecting nature - this is the symbol for the Oekotech application area. Oekotech stands for new ideas and interesting concepts in environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling.


Application area Packtech


The package is a symbol for the global transportation of goods - and for the Packtech application area. It includes all significant innovations in the packaging, covering and transportation of the widest possible array of goods.

Application area Protech


The helmet is a symbol for effective protection - and for the Protech application area. Under this sign you'll find the latest developments in personal and property protection.


Application areas Sporttech


To play sport you need the right equipment - that's why we've chosen the trainer as the symbol for the Sporttech application area. Sporttech includes new products and ideas from the world of sport and leisure.


Product groups

Techtextil's product groups represent the entire value chain in the technical textiles, nonwovens and apparel textiles sector.

  • Research centers and institutions
  • Universities, technical colleges, professional and training schools
  • Professional training
  • Research and Development, strategy planning and consultancy
  • Planning and consulting companies
  • Services
  • Production processes
  • Finishing technology
  • Machinery for fabric manufacturing
  • Knitting Technology
  • Coating equipment
  • Laminating and coating equipment
  • Perforating machines
  • Embossing machines
  • Textile finishing
  • Other machinery and equipments
  • Control and monitoring methods
  • Concepts of Circular economy
  • Recycling technologies
  • Technical accessories
  • Laboratory and measuring equipment
  • Quality assurance
  • Nanotechnology
  • Microsystem technology
  • Making-up technology for industrial fabrics (not for garments)
  • Disposal technology
  • High frequency welding machines
  • Technology, processes, accessories: general
  • Man-made fibres
  • Yarns (man-made)
  • Monofilaments (man-made)
  • All (man-made)
  • Flock fibres
  • Glass fibres, -yarns and -rovings
  • Glass yarns
  • Glass monofilaments
  • Glass rovings
  • Glass, all
  • Metal yarns: general
  • Conductive fibres
  • Conductive yarns
  • Mineral fibers
  • Mineral yarns
  • Natural fibres
  • Natural yarns
  • Man-made nature based fibres
  • Monofilaments
  • Recycled fibres
  • Recycled yarns
  • Recycable yarns
  • Recycable fibres
  • Other fibres
  • Other yarns
  • Fibres and yarns: general
  • Fabrics made of man-made fibres
  • Fabrics made of glass fibres
  • Fabrics made of natural fibres
  • Fabrics made of other fibres
  • Laid webs made of man-made fibres
  • Laid webs made of glass fibres
  • Laid webs made of natural fibres
  • Laid webs made of other fibres
  • Braidings made of man-made fibres
  • Braidings made of glass fibres
  • Braidings made of natural fibres
  • Braidings made of other fibres
  • Knitted fabrics made of man-made fibres
  • Knitted fabrics made of glass fibres
  • Knitted fabrics made of natural fibres
  • Knitted fabrics made of other fibres
  • Tapes, strings, cords: general
  • Belts, ropes, cordage: general
  • Nets: general
  • Textile bonding systems: general
  • Membranes: general
  • Multi-Layered composites: general
  • Smart Textiles (Textiles used in or with electronics and sensors): general
  • Textiles made of recycled material
  • Woven fabrics, laid webs, braidings, knitted fabrics, tapes, belts, nets, textile bonding systems: general
  • Nonwovens made of man-made fibres
  • Nonwovens made of glass fibres
  • Nonwovens made of natural fibres
  • Nonwovens made of other fibres
  • Nonwovens: general
  • Coated textiles
  • Laminated textiles
  • Tent fabrics
  • Packaging materials, sacking
  • Tarpaulin fabrics
  • Awning material
  • End-product manufacturing, making up
  • Accessories
  • Synthetic leather
  • Coated textiles: general
  • Reinforcing textiles
  • Composite textiles
  • Prepregs
  • Structural components and mouldings
  • Fibre-reinforced materials
  • Membrane systems
  • Films and sheeting
  • Textile-reinforced plastics or concrete components, pipes and containers
  • Textile sheet products for lamination with solids such as metal, plastic, glass
  • Composites: general
  • Finishing processes
  • Adhesive, sealing and moulding materials
  • Laminating and coating materials
  • Raw materials and additives
  • Application processing
  • Material pretreatment
  • Plastics and other hardening masses
  • Adhesive mixing and application equipment, robot technology
  • Surface treatment technologies
  • Plasma treatment
  • Flocking
  • Bondtec: general
  • New materials
  • New finishing
  • Membranes
  • Wearable Smart Textiles (with electronics and/or sensors)
  • Wearable Smart Textiles (without electronics and/or sensors)
  • Materials with additional functions
  • Textiles for future apparel
  • Textiles with medical/cosmetic qualities (wearable skincare, cosmetotextiles)
  • Textiles for professional and protective clothing
  • Textiles for sport and active wear
  • Coated apparel textiles
  • Finishing
  • Functionalisation
  • Nanotechnology
  • Microsystems technology
  • Wearable electronics
  • Optical technologies
  • Information- / Communication technology
  • Testing technology and -process
  • Apparel concepts
  • Design
  • Prototypes
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation
  • New strategies for marketing
  • Other services
  • Functional apparel technologies: general
  • Functional apparel textiles: general
  • Association
  • Institutions, organisations, authorities
  • Specialist publishers
  • Trade literature
  • Trade journals
  • Online portals

Techtextil 2022 figures

Techtextil took place from 21 to 24 June 2022. With 77% exhibitors and 65% visitors from abroad, this international trade fair was the most important industry platform of the year.

The figures at a glance (PDF)
Figures for Techtextil 2022
Figures for Techtextil 2022
Figures for Techtextil 2022

Techtextil advisory board

The Techtextil exhibitors` advisory board comprises renowned international experts.

Campus CETI
41 rue des Métissages – CS 70314
59336 Tourcoing

Karine Wallois

ETP - Fibres Textile Clothing
Rue Belliard 40
1040 Brussels

Lutz Walter

EURATEX - The European Apparel
and Textile Confederation
Rue Montoyer
1000 Brussels

Dirk Vantyghem
Tel.: + 32 (02) 22 85 48 83
Fax: + 32 (02) 2 30 60 54

Hof-ter-Vleestdreef 5/1
1070 Anderlecht

Daphne Renier

Forschungskuratorium Textil e.V.
Reinhardtstr. 14-16
10117 Berlin

Johannes Diebel

Freudenberg Performance Materials
Holding SE & Co. KG

Global Communications                                   
GB Technische Vliesstoffe                                           
69465 Weinheim

Holger-Michael Steingraeber

Groz-Beckert KG
Parkweg 2
72458 Albstadt

Matthias Haeckel

Huntsman Textile Effects
co/ Huntsman Textile Effects GmbH
Rehlinger Str. 1
86462 Langweid a. Lech

Oliver Gerlach

IBENA Textilwerke Beckmann GmbH & Co. KG  
Postfach 1653      
46395 Bocholt

Ralph Beckmann

Industrieverband Technische Textilien
- Rollladen - Sonnenschutz e.V (ITRS)

Heinrichstr. 79
36037 Fulda

Lars Rippstein

Institut Français Textile-Habillement - IFTH  
14, rue des Reculettes
75013 PARIS  

Clarisse Reille

IVGT Industrieverband
Veredlung - Garne - Gewebe Technische Textilien e.v.

Mainzer Landstraße 55      
60329 Frankfurt am Main

Stefan Schmidt

Karl Mayer GmbH      
Brühlstr. 25       
63179 Obertshausen      

Jochen Schmidt

Schoeller Textil AG
Bahnhofstraße 17
9475 Sevelen

Antonio Gatti Balsarri

Villa CREATIS, 2 Rue des Muriers
69258 Lyon

Julie Rafton-Jolivet

Viale Sarca, 223     
20126 Milano      

Dr. Aldo Tempesti

Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.

Fachverband Textilmaschinen
Lyoner Str. 18
60528 Frankfurt am Main

Boris Abadjieff