Redner steht auf der Stage beim techtextil Forum

Beyond innovation – Techtextil Forum sets new standards


On the stage of the 20th edition of Techtextil, all visitors can expect decisive know-how from experts in lectures on the textile sector from industry and research, as well as enriching panel discussions with international participants. Outstanding industry impulses and innovations – live on our perfectly located stage at the Techtextil Forum!



Help textiles face the future – submit a paper today

Redner beim Techtextil Forum

Your innovative ideas, solutions and research results must not be missing from the Techtextil Forum? A specialist audience from a wide range of industry segments and application areas is eagerly awaiting your presentation!

Convince the prestigious Programme Committee

Our well-respected Programme Committee establishes the themes and chooses the talks for the four Techtextil days. The committee works with you to take the textile industry into the future, providing exciting and inspiring presentations and discussions.

Eng. António Braz Costa, General Manager
Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industry of Portugal (CITEVE), Portugal

Johannes Diebel, General Manager

Research Council of Textiles (FKT), Germany

Dr. Heike Illing-Günther, Managing Director
Saxon Textile Research Institute e.V., Germany

Dr. Jan Laperre, General Manager
Centexbel, Belgium

Prof. Dr. René Rossi, Head of Laboratory for Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles
Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), Switzerland

Dr. Thomas Stegmaier, Head of Competence Center Textile Chemistry, Environment, Energy and Assistant Management
German Institutes of Textile and Fibre Research (DITF), Germany

Prof. Dr. Henry Yi Li, Chair of Textile Science and Engineering & Chairman, Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Society
The University of Manchester, Department of Materials, School of Natural Sciences, Great Britain

Varied themes

Your research and projects focus on those aspects?

  • Innovative Materials & Applications
  • Sustainable and circular materials and technologies (recyclability, traceability, carbon neutrality, etc.)
  • Biobased functional materials
  • Digitalisation & Production Technology
  • Intelligent textiles

Apply by submitting a paper to the Techtextil Forum by 15 December 2023. Tell us what you’ll talk about and what its applications are.

Application areas

Technical textiles and nonwovens are versatile – Techtextil brings together all areas of application.

Techtextil application area Agrotech


The ear of the wheat is the symbol for cultivation and tilling the soil - and for the Agrotech application area. Under this sign you'll find the latest ideas and products for agriculture, forestry, horticulture and landscape gardening.

Application area Buildtech


The house stands for architecture and building - and that's why we've chosen it as the symbol for the Buildtech application area. Buildtech includes all important innovations in membrane construction, lightweight and solid structures, earthworks, hydraulic engineering and road construction.

Application area Clothtech


The t-Shirt is popular all over the world - that's why we've chosen it as the symbol for the Clothtech application area. It includes the latest developments in shoe and clothing manufacture.


Application area Geotech


The dam separates the land from water - and is the symbol for the Geotech application area. Geotech is home to new concepts and products in road construction, civil engineering, dam and waste site construction.


Application areas Hometech


The armchair is a symbol for home design - and for the Hometech application area. Hometech presents innovative developments in the manufacture of furniture, upholstery, floor coverings and carpets.


Application area Indutech


Gear wheels are a symbol for industry and technology - and for the Indutech application area. Indutech contains solutions and products for mechanical engineering and for the chemical and electrical industries.


Application areas Medtech


The sticking plaster is a symbol for effective medical care - and for the Medtech application area. Medtech contains the complete range of innovations in the manufacture, processing and application of medical and hygiene products.

Application area Mobiltech


The tyre is a symbol for mobility - and for the Mobiltech application area. Under this sign you’ll find the latest developments in ship and aircraft construction, as well as in all aspects of automobile, railway and space travel.

Application area Oekotech


Mankind protecting nature - this is the symbol for the Oekotech application area. Oekotech stands for new ideas and interesting concepts in environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling.


Application area Packtech


The package is a symbol for the global transportation of goods - and for the Packtech application area. It includes all significant innovations in the packaging, covering and transportation of the widest possible array of goods.

Application area Protech


The helmet is a symbol for effective protection - and for the Protech application area. Under this sign you'll find the latest developments in personal and property protection.


Application areas Sporttech


To play sport you need the right equipment - that's why we've chosen the trainer as the symbol for the Sporttech application area. Sporttech includes new products and ideas from the world of sport and leisure.


Short and snappy

Gruppensession beim Techtextil Forum

The broad spectrum of topics and the central location at the heart of the trade fair activities enable you to share your solutions and innovations as well as questions to the textile industry. Propose a paper for the Techtextil Forum and help set the agenda! The Programme Committee looks forward to hearing from you.

The key points

  • Presentations should be short and in English
  • Length of each talk: 15 – 20 minutes
  • Use visual content
  • Format: Powerpoint / Word / Excel / image format – max. 5 files attached (no size restrictions)
  • All talks will be interpreted into German simultaneously
  • After your talk, there will be time for questions and discussions