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360 Textile Technologies Ltd.

Multiple membrane polymer technologies

360 Textile Technologies offer a wide range of products and services which combine to create bespoke technical textile products for end users.

Polyester membranes:
The 360 Textiles range of polyester membranes incorporates the latest blown manufacturing technology. All products are available in various micron thicknesses, using hydrophilic technology. All our polyester membranes are 100% recyclable.

Polyethylene membranes:
Our range of blown technology polyethylene membranes are microporous. The current range includes 30 to 45 micron thicknesses.

Polyurethane membranes:
We offer a range of polyurethane membranes which are high-stretch, microporous and hydrophilic. We can also offer hydrophilic and hydrophobic bi-layers which can also be flame-retardant.

These can be produced using cast coating, blowing and extrusion methods of manufacturing.

PTFE membranes:

Both mono-component and bi-component, the 360 Textiles range of PTFE membranes is ideal for waterproof and breathable garments and footwear.  We also offer PTFE technology to be used for filtration applications

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