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Pontacol AG

Pontacol Membrane

Pontacol Membrane film: enhancement of textiles for outdoor, surgery and roofing systems

Pontacol membrane adhesive film is based on TPU-film technology and is therefore able to withstand high water pressures whilst retaining a high water vapor permeability. It therefore offers ideal properties for technical textiles:

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Product specifications

Pontacol Membrane 46.502 12my (16g/m2)

Base: Thermoplastic polyurethanes.

Colour: Slightly opaque

Density: 1.2 g/cm³

Melting range: 150-160°C

Washing resistance: 40-60°C

Dry cleaning resistance: Yes

Moisture vapour transmission rate

> 800 g/m² 24h (Membrane 16 g/m², 23 °C, 50%RH)

> 2000 g/m² 24h (Membrane 16 g/m², 38 °C, 50%RH)

Head Pressure/Water column: > 10 m