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Pontacol AG

Pontacol Monolayer Adhesive Films

Pontacol Monolayer Adhesive Films

Pontacol monolayer adhesive films are liner-free, heat-activated adhesives supplied on a roll. They are not tacky at room temperature, enabling them to be used extremely cleanly and efficiently. They are easy to use and can be re-positioned during the application, which leads to minimal production waste whilst coating and lamination of substrates. Decades of development and application expertise define our product portfolio. This Know How enables us to offer adhesive films for a wide-range of substrates, processing temperatures and heat resistance.


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Product specifications

Pontacol Monolayer Adhesive Films

Sheet Films / Blow Films / Slit Films

Weight: 10g/m2 to 500g/m2

Width: 10 mm to 3000 mm

Carrier free, Siliconpaper carrier, PE-carrier


  • PP
  • EVA, EAA, ethylene terpolymers
  • PA, CoPA
  • PES, CoPES
  • TPU
  • Blends