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14. – 17.5.2019, Frankfurt am Main

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Abifor AG

Thermoplastic Webs and Nets


Abifor Ltd. newly offers a broad range of all types of these thermoplastic adhesives like thermoplastic powder, web, net and film. Customers in the field of technical laminations use different adhesives. Therefore Abifor Ltd. is the ideal partner for bonding solutions.

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Product specifications


Thermoplastic websare very light and the rough surface gives a good bonding and good thermoforming. Webs may support the softness of substrates.

Thermoplastic netshave more or less an open structure. They have a stronger bonding strength than webs or film by the same weight and show a very high flexibility.

Abifor Ltd. offers webs based on CoPA, CoPES, EVA and nets based on TPU, CoPA. Different types of melting range, weight and width are available. Webs and nets are mainly used in the automotive, textile, shoe and construction building industries.