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OTEMAN, with a combined experience of more than 65 years in the market, has built an international reputation designing ...

OTEMAN, with a combined experience of more than 65 years in the market, has built an international reputation designing and building specialist cutting machinery for industrial and textile applications.

Constant research has made the development of new products possible. This factor, along with our top of the rank status as one of the most innovative enterprises settled in Barcelona, Spain, allow us to offer one of the most complete catalogues dealing with a huge range of products and high-tech cutting solutions, being customer collaboration one of our main priorities.

At OTEMAN we analyze and assist each client’s requirements individually, offering the cutting technology that suits best, if needed offering a personalized project.

Our specialized staff is committed to keep your equipment working, day in day out, giving the technical support needed to guarantee the productivity of your company.

During the last years, OTEMAN has organized a huge international distribution web comprising sectors such as automotive, aeronautic, environmental, industrial construction, medical, and many other industrial areas where technical fabrics and composites are required.

Because in OTEMAN we believe in these premises, we work closely with our customers and representatives. This factor, along with our human team, devoted to learn and produce new ideas.


Laser I Cold blade I Ultrasonic l Crush cut I Bow saw I Band knife

In the last years, the evolution of technical fabrics and composite materials have seen spectacular growth.

Their complexity is acquired from the multiple combinations of materials they are composed of, such as: carbon fiber, aramid, glass fiber, etc. that, once combined, form hybrid fabrics with the properties of their different reinforcement materials.

Composite materials are experiencing an increased usage thanks to their specific characteristics such as: antibreakage, resistance to temperature changes, hardness, etc.

Apart from the big advantages that these materials offer, their complicated processing, which in many cases is manual, and high raw material cost should be take into account.

We offer solutions to solve the specific requirements of the filtration, chemical industry, civil engineering, agriculture, environmental protection, covering systems, etc.

The aeronautic and automotive sectors are experiencing constant transformation to adapt to the market requirements. Subcontractors are always under the pressure of delivery terms, cutting precision and quality of pieces and components.

For these reasons, industrial engineers and designers need the powerful solutions that OTEMAN offers: 3D software for the design and simulation of models, nesting software, fabric optimization, spreading and cutting equipment for fabric or leather.

Our engineering department offers personalized projects to satisfy the special requirements of this sector.

OTEMAN offers a wide range of high technology solutions for the apparel and fashion industry. In a globalized market, where in a very short times span a product has to be designed, manufactured and delivered, together with the fact that every day series are shorter, more diverse and personalized, both an adjustment of costs as well as a reduction of time is necessary.

OTEMAN puts at your disposal the most novel tools that will help you reduce the time needed for these processes, in sectors such as clothing, shoes, sport and leisure as well as home textile and leather goods.

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Increase productivity saving time and costs with OTEMAN cutting technology: laser, cold blade, ultrasonic & crush cut.