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14. – 17.5.2019, Frankfurt am Main

Premium Services

Gate to Door

Gate to Messe

You’re heading for a trade show in Frankfurt. After landing at the Frankfurt airport, there’s no time to lose - the next few days are going to be extremely busy. So it’s a very good idea for you to take advantage of the exclusive Gate to Door service, which we offer you in cooperation with Fraport AG.

Our Gate to Door Service ensures a relaxed transfer for up to four persons from Frankfurt airport directly to the exhibition grounds of Messe Frankfurt.

Right after landing at the Frankfurt airport, you’re greeted by one of the service employees at the gate. Where necessary, the service employee will be happy to help you pass through immigration. Afterwards you will be accompanied on foot, or if necessary in an electric cart, to the baggage claim to pick up your luggage. Subsequently our service employee accompanies you to the terminal drive-by, where you are picked up by a limousine and driven in comfort to the exhibition grounds of Messe Frankfurt.

Door to Gate

Messe to Gate

A successful trade fair visit is coming to a close – now it's time to get home as quickly as possible! Luckily there's the “Door to Gate” service to help you do so. In cooperation with Fraport AG, you will be chauffeured in comfort from the exhibition grounds to your departure gate without having to wait.

You, and up to three other fellow travellers, will be picked up from one of three Meeting Points on the Frankfurt exhibition grounds and taken directly to the airport, where a member of the service staff will take care of your check-in and baggage check while you enjoy a free non-alcoholic beverage. Subsequently, you will be taken through a separate security checkpoint and – if required - through passport control. You will then continue your journey in an exclusive limousine that drives you across the apron directly to your gate.