Fast accesses

14. – 17.5.2019, Frankfurt am Main

Arrival by train

From Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (central train station) to the fairground


The train station is only a few minutes away from the Messe Frankfurt grounds. The underground station under the central station offers the most direct and fastest connection to Messe Frankfurt – you can take either the U-Bahn or the S-Bahn trains.

S-Bahn/suburban train
Take the S3 line heading towards Bad Soden, the S4 line heading towards Kronberg, the S5 line heading towards Bad Homburg/Friedrichsdorf or the S6 line heading towards Friedberg/Groß Karben. After two stations you will reach the "Messe" stop. Enter the exhibition grounds at the "Torhaus" entrance.

U-Bahn/underground train
Take the U4 line heading towards Bockenheimer Warte. Go one station and get off at "Festhalle/Messe". Once you have arrived, you can enter the exhibition grounds at the "Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage" entrance.

Take the main exit of the central train station to reach the tram lines 16 and 17. "Festhalle/Messe" is the third station. Use the "Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage" entrance to enter the exhibition grounds. 

Take the taxi directly to the "Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage" or "Galleria" entrances of Messe Frankfurt.

By foot
It is about a ten minute walk from the train station to Messe Frankfurt. From Düsseldorfer Straße, cross the Platz der Republik and the Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage. Use the "Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage" entrance to enter the exhibition grounds.


Information on Public Transport (PDF, 53.05 KB)

Information on Public Transport