14. – 17.5.2019, Frankfurt am Main

Aussteller und Produkte 2017

Swicofil AG

Plasma Metall beschichtete Filamentgarne

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Plasma coated yarns have five big advantages over the classical chemo-galvanic ones:

a) a much better washing behavior and

b) a very regular coating along the yarn – ideal in process management applications - where a uniform conductivity is important - to keep reaction margins extremely narrow.

c) in apparel applications there is no problem with silver or copper diffusing through the Gold – there is no Ag or Cu underneath the Gold (all others have that)!

d) they can be made with the properties needed so that they are easy to process in the textile chain

e) products on the fashion side have a wonderful noble appearance.

Since we started working with Gold coated yarns quite a number of customers initiated new activities in different fields. There are already success stories like for example "Rococo Dessous" who is active in the field of luxury underwear.Of course there are many other applications where Gold yarns play an important role:

  • Fabrics for decoration
  • high end fashion
  • luxury menswear with pin stripes
  • sewing and embroidery threads
  • fabrics for clerical applications
  • home furnishing
  • carpets
  • medical end uses (also for in body applications!)
  • engineering as ESD applications
  • jewellery and watches
  • computing
  • electronic components
  • defense applications
  • automotive high end
  • your idea......