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Achilles Corporation


Shinjuku Front Tower, 2-21-1, Kitashinjuku

169-8885 Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo


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Tel: +81 3 5338 9279

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t .okumura @achilles -jpn .co .jp

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The philosophy of "Putting customers first" underpins our contribution to realizing an affluent society by creating ...

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The philosophy of "Putting customers first" underpins our contribution to realizing an affluent society by creating products and providing excellent services that satisfy and inspire our customers.

Achilles has developed a wide array of products with its plastic technologies situated in the center as the core. In developing new products and technologies, we always place the question of “what can we do to lead the market?” at the starting point of our thinking. Working with compounding, foaming, thermal insulation, conductivity and designing as core technologies, Achilles’ plastics processing technologies have developed products that can contribute to preserving the global environment, such as energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials. What we are looking for is, needless to say, the society’s next affluence. In particular, taking into consideration the environment surrounding us, our internal resources and our core competence, we have selected “housing materials, automotive materials and electronics components” as three major business areas, regarding them as major themes for research and development. The “Achilles Technical Center,” our research and development center in which all the human resources and facilities engaged in research and development activities gather together, is the core arena for our R&D. The Achilles Technical Center, having consolidated a wide variety of technologies accumulated for many years, is giving birth to innovative products and technologies that can respond correctly to customers’ needs. Achilles offers its own unique products by taking advantage of synergy effects newly born as a result of integration of human resources and technologies.

In order to put Achilles’ Corporate Philosophy in practice, Achilles Group has established its Charter of Corporate Conduct with the basic principle under which the officers and employees comply with laws and regulations and the articles of incorporation and respect ethics in conducting corporate activities. Further more, Achilles Group has established the Code of Conduct as standard practices.

For thoroughly publicizing, maintaining and promoting the corporate ethics, we have established within Achilles Group compliance organization: i) the Compliance Committee chaired by the president of Achilles to hold meetings regularly and as needed in order to monitor compliance with laws and regulations and to give instructions and guidance; ii) the Compliance Headquarters in order to reinforce Achilles’ corporate compliance system by developing the compliance program and giving guidance through various education activities such as development and implementation of training programs jointly with relevant departments and distribution of instruction manuals; iii) the Audit Department in order to scrutinize the corporate compliance situations regularly and as needed; and iv) the Internal Control Promotion Division in order to promote development and practice,and updating of the internal control system details based on its basic policy so that the corporate governance can be enhanced.

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High quality PVC clear Films and Rubberized Fabrics for variety of outdoor usages.